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Urgent: Rising Bacteria Levels Force Authorities to Close Beaches, Issue Advisories

Bacteria Levels Force Authorities to Close Beaches

United States: The local beaches in San Diego has been witnessing a surge in the bacteria levels, which has forced that authorities to close the County beaches to avoid infection among the general public.

Amid the ongoing threat, the local health authorities unveiled a revised roster of water contact prohibitions and advisories for local beaches this past Sunday, as per reports by NBC San Diego.

San Diego County Beaches Under Water Contact Prohibitions

Water contact prohibitions have been instituted for the ensuing locales owing to bacteriological concentrations surpassing health thresholds:

– Silver Strand Shoreline: Oceanic expanse extending from the northern perimeter of Carnation to the southern boundary of Avenida Lunar.

– Imperial Beach Shorelines: Oceanic stretch from the southern extremity of Seacoast Drive to the northern vicinity of Carnation Avenue.

– Tijuana Slough Shoreline: Oceanic boundary from the US/Mexico border, encompassing Border Field State Park and the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge.

San Diego County Beaches Under Water Contact Advisories

Moreover, water contact advisories have been promulgated for the subsequent sites due to bacteriological levels breaching health regulations:

La Jolla, Children’s Pool

– Coronado, Coronado Lifeguard Tower

– Ocean Beach, Dog Beach: From the San Diego River outflow extending 300 feet southward.

– Mission Bay, North Cove, Vacation Isle: Spanning 150 feet on either side of the southern drainage outlet.

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