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University of Georgia mourns tragic death of nursing student found in wooded area; foul play suspected

University of Georgia mourns tragic death of nursing student found in wooded area

United States: The University of Georgia has witnessed death of a nursing student. The body of the woman was found in a wooded area of the Athens campus of the University.

According to the authorities, investigating the matter commenced after one of the friends of the dead girl complained that she had not returned from a morning run. According to the University of Georgia, the friend of the woman called the police of the University of Georgia after she failed to return from the morning run at the fields.

While addressing the concern, the president of the Athens campus of Augusta University – Dr. Brooks Keel, stated that the woman was studying nursing at the Athens campus. However, the authorities have not released the name and identity of the deceased student.

Statement by investigating authorities:

The authorities investigating the matter have mentioned that it is suspected that the death of the woman was a foul play.

After the death was reported by the police authorities, a news conference was organized, which was addressed by the University of Georgia Police Chief Jeff Clark. During the conference, Clark did not share the details regarding the death of the student, but he assured me that the investigation into the matter is ongoing.

University of Georgia | Credits: NBC News

Furthermore, Clark outlined that his department has been working along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Athens-Clark County Police Department. He further emphasized that it was shocking to report a homicide case on campus, and such a case was not reported in the last 20 years.

He further quoted saying, “We’re not going to leave any rock unturned in this investigation,” according to the reports by CBS News. In the midst of the investigation, he was asked about the possible threat to the general public. To this, he mentioned that apparently there is no immediate threat, but “when you have a suspect on the loose, there’s always a danger.”

According to the reports by CBS News, the management of the University has asked the students to travel in groups and avoid traveling individually.

However, following the suspected murder case, the authorities of both schools announced that there would be no classes on Friday.

In addition to this, Clark addressed the community of the University of Georgia and highlighted that they must avoid the Intramural Fields of the school as their women are found unconscious, breathing less, and with visible injuries.

The area was properly verified by the officials, and the body of the woman was found in an area behind Lake Herrick. It is to be noted that the area is along a busy road and near a large dorm and dining hall complex.

The police officials have highlighted that most of the students in the dorm are freshmen.

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