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Trump’s shocking VP pick revealed: Top candidate shaking up 2024 election race!

Former President of the United States and possible Republican frontrunner for 2024 presidential election - Donald Trump | Credits: AP Photo

United States: Former President of the United States and Republican front-runner for the upcoming Presidential election – Donald Trump, has found his favorite vice-president candidate in Senator Tim Scott.

According to an online betting platform, Trump’s running mate Scott has emerged as his favorite, the reports by Newsweek mentioned.

Donald Trump’s victory in primary contests has sealed his seat as Republican candidate for the upcoming presidential elections. Along with this, the auditions for his vice presidential candidate were also underway.

Certain reports have claimed that Trump is somewhere confident about the person who would be taking up the position. During a town hall event in South Carolina last week, he highlighted that he is having at least six (6) names on his shortlist of potential running mates, as per the reports by Newsweek.

The suspected six candidates for the vice-president position were – US Senate Tim Scott, Governor of Florida Ron Santis, Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem, Republican Byron Donalds, former US presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Former President Donald Trump and his allies | Credits: The Times

Tim Scott – a possible choice of Trump!

The reports by Polymarket have shown that Scott, who ended his bid to become the US President in November, is Trump’s current favorite choice. The online betting platform has further outlined that a “yes” prediction was trading at 19 cents – compared to 17 percent chances and a “no” prediction was at 83 cents.

Newsweek has further mentioned that the second is attained by Noem with a “yes” prediction trading at 16 cents – compared to a 16 percent chance and “no” prediction at 85 cents. Following this, the third and fourth positions were of Ramaswamy and Stefanik with 15 percent and 13 percent chance, respectively.

What do other surveys suggest?

According to some reports, Noem is the likeliest pick of Trump. An online betting platform, Betfair, has named her as a favorite choice for the Republican vice presidential nominee. According to Newsweek, the odds for Noem were 7/2, and she was followed by Scott and Ramaswamy with odds of 6/1.

Along with this, the recently conducted straw poll of the Conservation Political Action Conference revealed that Noem and Ramaswamy could be a possible vice-presidential pick for Donald Trump. Both candidates received 15 percent votes. The second choice was predicted to be Gabbard with 9 percent votes, and Stefanik and Scott were the next suspected choices with 8 percent votes each.

Trump’s statement about his vice-presidential choice!

Last week, while discussing his possible choice during an interview with Fox News, the former US President mentioned that Scott, Ramaswamy, Donalds, Noem, and Gabbard were all on his shortlist.

He emphasized that he would seek a running mate with “common sense because there are so many things happening in this country that don’t make sense.” He also mentioned, “They’re all good, they’re all solid,” according to reports by Fox News.

In another interview with Fox News, he dropped hints about his possible pick; he was quoted saying, “I speak to everybody. I called Tim Scott this week. A lot of people like Tim Scott. I called him, and I said: ‘You’re a much better candidate for me than you are for yourself.’”

The remark was also addressed by Scott, who mentioned that at the time, “the struggle of self-promotion is challenging, but what we do is focus on what America needs right now. At the moment, the best alternative is four more years of President Donald Trump,” according to Fox News.

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