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Trump vs. Carroll: The $83M twist that empowers survivors and stings former President

Former US President Donald Trump and columnist Jean E Carroll | Credits: Getty Images

United States: The case between former US President Donald Trump and columnist E Jean Carroll has taken a new turn, and Carroll has found a new way to tease her opponent. The columnist has outlined that she will be spending US$ 83 million – which the jury had awarded her, on “something Donald Trump hates.”

Carroll shared this bold statement during her interaction on Good Morning America. Reportedly, she was quoted saying, “If it’ll cause him pain for me to give money to certain things, that’s my intent.” Furthermore, she added that she will be creating a fund “for women who have been sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.”

Why Carroll was awarded with US$ 83M?

Following the trial for two (2) weeks, the jury asked the former US President to pay approximately US$ 83 million to columnist Carroll. The amount will be for the defamatory statements he made in 2019 after she stated that Trump sexually assaulted her in 1996.

However, it is to be noted that last year, a separate jury confirmed that Carroll was sexually assaulted by former President Donald Trump, who also defamed her. Therefore, Trump was asked to pay her US$5 million.

Meanwhile, the allegations have been denied by Trump, and he has also attended five (5) days of the defamation trial. Reports have outlined that, on Friday, he vowed to appeal the verdict.

During the five-day trial, Carroll sat close to Trump. She had been worried about facing him before the trial, but once it started, her fears disappeared, according to ABC News.

In this regard, Carroll was quoted saying on Good Morning America, “It was like he was like nothing, like an emperor without clothes. All my terror leading up to it, and there he is. He’s just something in a suit.”

Columnist Jean E Carroll | Credits: Reuters

Additionally, reports have underlined that Donald Trump’s attendance also interrupted the proceedings, along with muttering defamatory statements in earshot of the jury and walking out while Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, was giving a closing statement.

Kaplan mentioned that the central thesis of her case is validated by such behavior shown by Trump, who is “ a bully who can’t follow the rules.”

Carroll’s lawyer, while addressing Trump walking out of the court during the closing statement, said, “I definitely thought we got a few more million dollars immediately. I was like, well, that’s worth about $10 million.”

As Donald Trump left the court, a few hours after, the jury ordered them to present a US$ 83 million award to Carroll. “It made me burst into tears because they met my eyes for the first time,” she said while having interaction at GMA.

Carroll’s lawyer’s statement on the jury’s verdict!

Kaplan assured that they would be collecting the award amount of US$ 83.3 million. She further emphasized that the former President could pay either way: deposit the money in full or pay a bond until he appeals.

ABC News quoted Kaplan saying, “I’m pretty confident one way or the other. We might not get it right away. But one way or the other, he owns a lot of real estate. It can be sold. We will collect the judgment.”

Since the days of the verdict announcement, the former President has not directly mentioned Carroll; however, she has mentioned that she does not have any confidence in him and he will not stop defaming her.

Additionally, her lawyer mentioned that if Trump defames her client again, then “all options are on the table.” “If we have to bring another case, we’ll bring another case. It’s just going to be more money,” Kaplan further said.

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