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Trump triumphs in Nevada Republican Caucus, secures all 26 delegates, Haley falters against “none of these candidates”

Former Governor South Carolina (left) and former President of the United States (right) | Credits: Getty Images

United States: The former President of the United States – Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential caucus in Nevada, according to the reports by the news agency Associated Press (AP).

On Thursday night, the call came shortly after the caucus zone in Nevada started sharing its results.

Trump, who is contenting for consecutive third time for the White House as the frontrunner for Republicans, was the only contender who shined on the ballot in a caucus run by a closely aligned Nevada GOP, as per the reports by Fox News.

It is to be noted that the counting continued till Thursday night. Reportedly, until then, Trump was claiming more than 99 percent of the votes, whereas Nikki Haley, his only contender, was nowhere on the counting list. The Fox News reported that he won all the 26 delegates to this summer’s nominating convention.

After bagging the victory, the Former US president addressed his supporters and mentioned that he was glad to see such an outcome for the first time in history. During the celebration at the Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Trump was quoted saying, “It was tremendous turnout,” adding, “The enthusiasm of the turnout…I don’t think we’ve seen anything like it before,” as per The Fox News.

One of Trump’s strong allies, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, accompanied him and proudly told the crowd that “this primary is over; President Trump has won.”

Trump’s victory in Nevada!

It is noteworthy that Donald Trump’s victory came a few hours after he bagged a landslide victory in the presidential caucus run by the US Virgin Islands GOP. In Nevada’s state-run Republican presidential primary, Trump claimed victory on Tuesday; however, the voting wasn’t on the ballot.

Former President of the United States – Donald Trump | Credits: Reuters

Haley’s loss to a “none of these candidates” option

It is to be noted that Nikki Haley has lost even in Trump’s absence from the primary ballot. Reportedly, she has lost to the “none of these candidates” option by more than a two-to-one margin in a primary where no GOP convention delegates were at stake.

The situation occurred because the people voting were not able to vote for Trump; that’s why they chose “none of these candidates” despite writing the name of Nikki Haley. Fox News further reported that following the results were out, the supporters of the former US President shouted, “This is how we have voted.”

Initially, the confusion raised in 2021 when Democrats, in control of Nevada’s governor’s office and legislature, changed the presidential nominating contest from caucuses to a state-run primary. Despite objections from the Nevada GOP, their legal attempt to halt the primary was unsuccessful, leading to a unique situation where both parties have separate contests.

The Republicans were allowed to conduct their caucuses alongside the state-run primary. However, candidates participating in the primary were barred from the caucuses. This decision was criticized by some Republican presidential candidates, including Haley, who felt the state GOP was too aligned with Trump. Consequently, they chose to skip the caucus, believing it favored the former president, according to reports by Fox News.

Nevada GOP chair Michael McDonald and both state representatives on the Republican National Committee are openly supporting Trump in this situation.

What does Nikki have to comment on?

Nikki Haley, who has served as the South Carolina governor for two terms and later served as UN ambassador in the Trump administration, accused Nevada and mentioned, “Nevada – it’s such a scam. They were supposed to have a primary. Trump rigged it so the GOP chairman – who’s been indicted – would go and create a caucus,” according to The Fox News.

Former Governor of South Carolina | Credits: Getty Images

In addition to this, during an early interview with Fox News Digital and FOX 11 Los Angeles, Haley stated, “We knew that it was rigged from the start.”

To this, while replying in the interview, Nevada GOP McDonald emphasized that he does not consider Haley to be a “real serious candidate.”

He further told Fox News Digital, “The fact of the matter is she didn’t show up. She did not campaign in Nevada, and neither did ‘none of the above’ and ‘none of the above’ won.”

Trump addressing Las Vegas!

While addressing the rally in Las Vegas last month stated, “Your primary vote doesn’t mean anything. It’s your caucus vote. So in your state, you have both the primary and you have a caucus. Don’t worry about the primary, just do the caucus thing,” according to Fox News.

Democratic National Committee’s take over Trump’s landslide victory in election

The Democratic National Committee, which is also known as the DNC, commented that Trump’s losses during the general elections in Nevada in 2016 and 2020 were historic.

The director of the DNC, Alex Floyd, through a release, mentioned, “Nobody knows how to lose Nevada like Donald Trump – his back-to-back losses in 2016 and 2020 made him the first Republican in decades to lose the state twice.”

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