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Tragedy strikes Florida as small plane crash in Clearwater claims three lives

Tragedy strikes Florida as small plane crash in Clearwater claims three lives | Credits: Twitter

United States: A tragic incident happened in Florida in which a small plane crashed into a Clearwater, claiming the lives of three people on Thursday evening, according to the preliminary information by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The official reports further outlined that during the incident, a mobile home park and homes nearby were set on fire. While sharing the details of the succumbed persons, the FAA mentioned that out of the total, one was on the aircraft, and the remaining two were on the ground.

The small plane crashed around 7 pm, according to reports by NBC News. According to the information from the agency, the firefighters reached the spot immediately and started the operation to get the victims.

As per Clearwater Fire Chief – Scott Ehlers, three homes were ablaze.

The videos of the incident have been circulated on social media. One such video showed a field of debris, and the firefighters were using torches to clear the scene as the area was covered with deep smoke.

Houses set on fire because of plane crash in Clearwater, Florida | Credits: Twitter

What caused the plane crash?

The FAA noted that the pilot had claimed that the engine failure of the Beechcraft Bonanza V35 caused the fatal incident. A thorough investigation will be carried out by the National Transportation Safety Board, the agency highlighted.

Ehlers has emphasized that there are expectations of more injuries and damage with the plane crash. “We were very fortunate,” he told NBC reporters at the scene.

Comments by the eye witnesses!

One of the eye-witnesses, Rick Renner, mentioned that the impact of the crash was very high. He highlighted that the nearby houses shook – making a scene of chaos.

During an interview with NBC, Renner mentioned, “We heard what we thought what was like a motorcycle go by or something. Then a few seconds later, it was a loud bang, the windows actually shook, the house shook.” He further stated that he immediately ran to the crash site and saw the sky covered with smoke.

He was then quoted saying, “Even after the fire was out, you really couldn’t even tell there was a plane in there; everything was just gone.”

Renner continued and expressed that this incident is definitely a shock for the community where all are friends. He also added, “It’s just weird that something like this happens in your neighborhood.”

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