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The Pros and Cons of Pocket Carry Guns

Pocket carry is a popular method of concealed carry that involves carrying a small handgun in the pocket of your pants or jacket. It offers convenience and easy access to your firearm, but it also carries some drawbacks. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of pocket carry guns.

Pros of Pocket Carry Guns:

1. Concealment: One of the biggest advantages of pocket carry is the ability to conceal your firearm effectively. The small size and weight of pocket guns like subcompact pistols or micro-revolvers make them easy to hide within the confines of your pocket. This level of concealment allows you to keep your defensive weapon discreetly at hand, blending into casual or business attire.

2. Accessibility: Pocket carry offers quick and easy access to your firearm. Since the gun is holstered in your pocket, it can be readily accessible by simply reaching into your pocket. This can be advantageous in situations where you need to react swiftly, such as in a close-quarters self-defense scenario. The element of surprise could be critical in such instances.

3. Comfort: Compared to other forms of concealed carry, pocket carry tends to be more comfortable for many individuals. Traditional holsters, especially those designed for larger firearms, may cause discomfort or leave visible marks on your body when worn for extended periods. Pocket carry eliminates this problem, as the firearm sits securely in your pocket with no additional equipment pressing against your skin.

4. Versatility: Pocket carry guns are generally small and lightweight, making them suitable for both men and women. They are easy to maneuver and can be comfortably carried in a variety of clothing options, including pants, shorts, skirts, or jackets. This versatility allows for concealed carry in various weather conditions or social settings.

Cons of Pocket Carry Guns:

1. Limited Ammo Capacity: Pocket guns, due to their smaller size, often come with reduced ammunition capacity. While they are still deadly weapons and can be effective in most self-defense situations, having fewer rounds at your disposal could be a disadvantage in extended confrontations or encounters involving multiple attackers. Reload times may also be longer due to the compact nature of pocket carry firearms.

2. Reduced Firepower: Pocket guns generally have smaller calibers, which can limit their stopping power compared to larger handguns. Smaller calibers may not penetrate clothing or heavy barriers as effectively as larger calibers, potentially reducing their overall effectiveness in stopping a threat. However, modern ammunition advancements have significantly improved the performance of these smaller calibers.

3. Draw Speed: While pocket carry allows for easy access, drawing from a pocket can be more challenging compared to drawing from a waistband or a holster worn on the body. The fabric of the pocket may impede a quick and smooth draw, potentially slowing down your response time. This drawback can be mitigated through proper training and using holsters specifically designed for pocket carry.

4. Risk of Accidental Discharge: Carrying a gun in your pocket increases the risk of an accidental discharge. Without a proper holster, the trigger can be inadvertently pressed, especially if other items like keys or loose change are also in your pocket. This risk can be minimized by using a pocket holster that covers the trigger guard, preventing any unintentional trigger engagement.

In conclusion, pocket carry guns offer concealment, accessibility, comfort, and versatility for those who choose this method of concealed carry. However, it’s important to consider the drawbacks of limited ammo capacity, reduced firepower, potentially slower draw speed, and the increased risk of accidental discharge. Ultimately, the decision to pocket carry should be based on personal preferences, lifestyle, training, and an understanding of the limitations associated with this method of concealed carry.

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