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TFB Lightning Review: Glock Watches – USA vs Euro Editions

Last September Glock announced their Glock Watch. Pete wrote about the US released 35th Anniversary edition. Well, Europe got its own version that is rather different yet similar in some ways to the US version. I ordered the US 35th Anniversary Glock Watch when it was up for sale. At the time of this article, they are all sold out. When the European 40th-anniversary edition was released I had my friend in Austria order one for me. Since I have both versions, let’s take a look at these two limited-edition and sold-out Glock watches.

Glock @ TFB:

Glock Watch Precision

For those who did not know about the Glock Watches, the US edition celebrates their 35th anniversary of offering the Glock pistols in the USA. The European edition watch celebrates the origins of Glock with their P80 pistol which is 40 years old.

One of the first things you notice about the Glock Watches is the colored Glock pistol cases. The US version comes in a bright green case while the European edition comes in a yellow Glock pistol case. These colorways carry over to both respective watches.

As soon as you open the Glock Watches’ cases, you can see even more differences. The European version has a printed cardboard liner while the US version has a foam liner. The lid foam insert has different laser engraved foam inserts.

See how the yellow and green color themes are carried throughout both watches?

Glock Watches in their cases

Both Glock watches come with a signed card, challenge coin, stainless steel nDLC coated mesh band and silicone band with Glock grip texture.

Challenge Coins

The European version challenge coin is monochrome but comes in a plastic case.

The USA challenge coin has lime green color fill to match the color scheme.

Watch Bands

Other than the color, the silicone bands are the same.

The steel mesh bands are the same for both watches and have a GLOCK logo clasp.

The silicone bands also have the GLOCK logo lasered into the buckles.

Here are the Glock watches with their respective silicone bands.

Certificates Of Authenticity

You can see the differences in the COA for each of the Glock Watches.

Interestingly Gaston Glock’s signature is different.

User Manuals

Not sure why but the user manuals are slightly different as well. The paper is different and folded differently as well. The content in them is the same.

Glock Watches

I was surprised to see the Glock Watches have different faces. They have the same functions but the actual faces are different.

Each watch is a chronograph. They have three sub faces indicating 24 hours, minutes and seconds. Below is the US released 35th anniversary Glock watch and it has a flat face.

The P80 40th anniversary edition Glock watch has a beveled face.

The backplates have their respective logos celebrating the different anniversaries.

You can see the US version is GWC0001 while the European version is GWC0002.

Another thing to note is that the US version is slightly more limited. Glock only made 3,500 watches for the US market while the European version they made 4,000 watches.

The watches come shipped with a spacer that holds the crown out. Remove it and press the crown to turn the watches on. The face and backplate also come with static cling protective films that need to be removed.

Glocks and Watches

While I do not have an original P80, I do have the reproduction Glock P80 to go with my P80 Glock Watch.

For my US Glock Watch, I have a Gen 1 Glock 17.

For the most part, the Glock Watches are the same. They have subtle differences like their color and the watch faces are different. My US Glock watch did come with a vinyl morale patch that commemorates the 35th anniversary. There was no patch with my P80 watch but I have not seen another P80 watch to know if there is a patch to go with it.

The Glock Watches were not cheap but I did not feel they were expensive. There is an entirely different rabbit hole you can go down with regards to watches. These are solar chronographs which makes people think perhaps Seiko made these? I do not know if that is true. I got them for the limited edition collectibility as I am a Glock fan. I am not an avid collector like other Glock fans out there but these were interesting and affordable to me.  I am fortunate deeply grateful for my friend Gregor who helped me get the European version.

Source: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2021/11/10/glock-watches-usa-vs-euro-editions/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss

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