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SIG Sauer Releases Two All NEW P320 Grip Modules

Having the ability to move your SIG Sauer P320 FCU (Fire Control Unit) into grip modules is incredibly valuable. Not only is customizing your firearms fun, but it allows shooters to keep different frames for different purposes. Keep your FCU in your carry gun, then swap to your competition grip module for your match. Those two purposes are the subject of the two newest P320 grip modules released by SIG. Introducing the new X-Series DH3 TXG Grip Mod and the AXG Titanium Cerakote Grip Mod.

SIG Sauer @ TFB:

P320 Grip

Introducing two new grip modules for P320 owners: The X-Series DH3 TXG Grip Mod designed by Team SIG Pro Shooter Daniel Horner and the AXG Titanium Cerakote Grip Mod.

XSeries TXG DH3 Full-Size Medium P320 Grip Mod

P320 Grip

The XSeries TXG DH3 was designed by Daniel Horner, one of SIG’s pro shooters. This module is aimed specifically at the competition market. To achieve maximum controllability, the grip is inlaid with what is essentially skateboard grip tape. It uses a tungsten-infused polymer to give shooters the best of both worlds; the best parts of steel and polymer. This module weighs in at 16.6 ounces and carries a price tag of $349.99.

P320 Grip

AXG Carry Medium P320 Grip Mod – Titanium

P320 Grip

The P320 AXG Carry Titanium Cerakote Grip Module is machined from aluminum alloy. For a positive grip, the module is fitted with interchangeable black G10 grip panels from Hogue. The carry-sized frame is finished with Titanium Cerakote for added durability and resistance to the elements. The MSRP is $399.99.

P320 Grip

If either of these hits the spot for you, you can head to SIG Sauer’s website for more information. If you want more updates and announcements from SIG, you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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