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President Biden to meet top Republicans and Democrats amid looming partial government shutdown

President of the United States - Joe Biden | Credits: The White House

United States: President of the United States – Joe Biden, will be meeting the top Republicans and Democrats as the partial government shutdown is near. Biden will also be urging the politicians to approve the financial as well as military aid for Ukraine and Israel.

The meet-up is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, according to the reports by Reuters.

This gathering at the White House took place nearly two months after an accord between Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, as per the reports. They agreed upon a discretionary spending level of $1.59 trillion for the fiscal year, which commenced on October 1, according to the news agency.

It is believed that Congress did not perform its basic duty of providing funds to the government despite the deal; the reason behind the same is believed to be the infighting by Republicans, who hold a thin majority in the House of Representatives.

While addressing the same, the White House spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre, told Reuters, “A basic priority or duty of Congress is to keep the government open. So that’s what the president wants to see. He’ll have those conversations.”

White House spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre | Credits: AP Photo

Reportedly, the progress of the spending bill is currently hindered by the insistence of ultra-conservative Republicans in the House. They are pushing for spending cuts and the inclusion of specific policy positions in the allocation of funds. This faction of hard-right Republicans has previously brought the government perilously close to a shutdown or partial shutdown on three occasions within the last six months.

Recent days have seen Senators Schumer and Johnson exchanging accusations regarding the responsibility for the current stalemate.

In this regard and elaborating on the efforts by Democrats, Schumer stated, “Democrats are doing everything we can to avoid a shutdown.”

National Security packages for Ukraine and Israel!

According to the reports, the House has been dealing with the pressure to pass the national security package for assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific region. It is to be noted that earlier, the Senate cleared the aid on a 70-29 vote; however, it was hindered by House Speaker Johnson, who resisted the same.

Flags for Ukraine and Israel | Credits: Getty Images

While speaking about the same, Jean-Pierre said, “What the president wants to see is we want to make sure that the national security interests of the American people get put first and is not used as a political football. We want to make sure that gets done.”

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