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NYC Hotel murder suspect arrested in Arizona: Possible connections to nationwide crimes

NYC Hotel murder suspect arrested in Arizona | Credits: AdobeStock

United States: A woman was brutally murdered by a man inside a New York City hotel. The investigation on the matter was ongoing, and recently, a man suspected of killing the woman was arrested by the Police Department in Arizona.

While sharing the preliminary information, the officials mentioned that there were reports that the man was also involved in other incidents happening around the country. The statement was shared by the officers during a news conference on Tuesday, according to the reports by CNN.

The suspected man was identified as 26-year-old Raad Almansoori, and he was arrested after allegedly stabbing two women in Arizona. The details regarding the suspect were shared by the Chief of Detectives from the New York City Police Department – Joseph Kenny. Following the incident, the NYPD has been asking communities around the country to share the details regarding the victims which the suspect could have visited.

Details of incidents shared by the police department

According to the police officials, Almansoori was arrested in connection with the murder of Denisse Oleas-Arancibia, who was 38 years old. According to the details, the woman was found dead in a room at the SoHo hotel. Furthermore, it was revealed that an iron filled with blood was also discovered near her body.

The officials dealing with the case have termed the case as ‘homicide.’

 While addressing the same, Kenny stated, “The medical examiner’s office later determined this death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head. Bits of plastic were found embedded inside of her skull.”

Official of the New York City Police Department | Credits: Getty Images

Reportedly, Almansoori attacked and killed the woman because of the dispute over how long he would be staying in the hotel room with her. Kenny further stated, “The subject has no prior arrest history in New York. However, he has an extensive out-of-state arrest history.”

How were detectives able to catch Almansoori? 

The detectives have informed that they identified Almansoori as a suspect through video footage, interviews of witnesses, and tracking the usage of credit cards, according to the reports by CNN.

Almansoori’s involvement in other similar incidents!

According to the reports, nine days after the discovery of Oleas-Arancibia’s dead body in the hotel room, Almansoori suspected killed the female victim and committed a knifepoint carjacking in Phoenix, Arizona.

The police outlined that a report was filed against the incident on the next day, following which the woman was found with multiple stab wounds in a McDonald’s.

The police officials have outlined that Almansoori was detained in Scottsdale while he was driving a stolen car.

In this regard, Kenny said, “While in the custody of Arizona law enforcement, (the suspect) informs them that he is wanted for homicide in New York City and tells the cops that they should Google ‘SoHo 54 hotel’.”

The police officials have further mentioned that the New York City Police Department has been working jointly with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office so that Almansoori can be charged with the homicide that happened on February 8. Reportedly, the process could take days, weeks, or even months.

Along with this, the police officials are also conducting a search for the additional victims as during the investigation, Almansoori informed that he had killed three (3) additional females in Florida.

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