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Norovirus Surge: US Braces for Nationwide Outbreak of Gastrointestinal Illness

Visual Representation for people dealing with Norovirus

United States: Currently, the United States have been dealing with the looming threat of various illnesses, from contagious measles to respiratory illnesses to nasty stomach flu. Recently, the nation has been seeing a nationwide uptick in the cases linked to Norovirus, which is responsible for gastrointestinal issues and is also known as a stomach bug.

The virus has been making millions of people sick, according to health experts in the US.

The spreading threat of the Norovirus was recently addressed by a health expert with Consumer Reports – Catherine Roberts, who explained that contagious Norovirus has been spreading at a fast pace. In addition to this, she also mentioned possible ways to avoid getting sick.

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While elaborating the same, Roberts said, “If you’ve been hit with a few days of intense nausea and vomiting, there’s a good chance the culprit was a bug called norovirus. There can be a ton of this, as many as 21 million cases every year,” according to the details shared by WSOCTV.com.

Don’t Relate Norovirus with Stomach Flu!

Along with this, the health expert outlined that Norovirus is sometimes mistaken for stomach flu, but both infections are not caused by a similar virus. However, she clarified that the signs and symptoms of the disease are same, including diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pains as well as fever.

Roberts further addressed and said, “And while Norovirus gets a lot of attention for making cruise ship travelers miserable, it can spread quickly in any spot where a lot of people are in close quarters. It can stay on surfaces such as doorknobs and handrails for week.”

Is there any way to attain protection against the disease?

Roberts elaborated that, as of now, there is no vaccination against Norovirus; however, she asked the public to practice all the safety measures.

She was quoted saying, “Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine for Norovirus. So, hand washing is really your number one thing. And that means diligently washing hands, frequently washing your hands, and thoroughly washing them with soap and water. Hand sanitizer alone is not going to cut it,” as per WSOCTV.com.

In addition to this, she also suggested that if any individual has fallen sick with Norovirus, the surfaces must be disinfected with bleach-based cleaning products. Roberts also recommended that the disinfectant can be made at home by adding five to 25 tablespoons of household bleach to a gallon of water.

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Further, she suggested to wash linens, towels and clothes that might have been contaminated. She also warned to isolate yourself if someone witnesses symptoms similar to Norovirus.

She said, “If you get sick, stay home so that you don’t spread it to anyone else. Just allow the virus to run its course, usually about one to three days. Drink a lot of liquids as severe dehydration can land you in the emergency room.”

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