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Norovirus Outbreak Raises Alarm in the US: Health Officials Urge Vigilance

Visual Representation for norovirus testing | Credits: Shutterstock

Visual Representation for norovirus testing | Credits: Shutterstock

United States: The threat and danger linked to Norovirus-like illness have been increasing with each passing day. The infection and associated threats have now raised concerns among the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) as the number of cases of Norovirus has been witnessing an upsurge.

Recently, on Thursday the FDOH cautioned the general public of Indian River County after the patients complaining about the norovirus-like illness increased in the area.

According to the details shared by the health officials, the people which mentioned that they were dealing with stomach flu – but it was not an influenza virus. The experts mentioned that the infected person starts experiencing the signs and symptoms of the infection within a few days of catching it and they start getting between within one to three days.

The Indian River County Administrator for FDOH – Miranda Swanson, mentioned, “Health people usually recover within one to three days at home without medical care, but the very young and the elderly are at greater risk for dehydration and severe illness,” according to the reports by CBS12 News.

Along with this, the common symptoms of the infection were vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and stomach pain – which they experience entire time when they are sick. While issuing warning against the infection, the FDOH also highlighted that the infections are contagious.

Recommendation proposed by the health authorities!

According to health authorities, the norovirus infection can spread easily between two humans. The common and easy way of transmission is by touching contaminated surfaces and objects. In addition to this, the contagious flu can also spread from a healthy person to an infected in places where major people gather, such as daycares, schools, cruise ships, and nursing homes.

In this regard, Swanson stated, “It is very important for people to wash their hands thoroughly, especially after using the restroom, as well as before preparing and consuming food.”

While emphasizing the ways or tips to stop the spread of the Norovirus, the FDOH mentioned:

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