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Massive blaze forces evacuation in North Philadelphia: Building engulfed, 20 displaced

Massive blaze forces evacuation in North Philadelphia | Credits: Fox

United States: A building in North Philadelphia was set ablaze on Monday, forcing people to leave their homes and evacuate to a safer place.

According to the preliminary information shared by the Philadelphia Fire Department, a three-story building located near the 1600 block of Ridge Avenue caught fire before 4 pm, and the second alarm, following the fire, rang at around 4:20 pm.

The department emphasized that as many as 100 crew members of the Fire Department engaged in the task of battling the blaze, as per the reports by NBC Philadelphia.

Statements by officials of the Fire Department

The incident was addressed by Assistant Deputy Director – Derek Bowmer, who mentioned that the residents and citizens of the building were evacuated from the burning building and the neighboring buildings. The officials revealed that around 20 people were displaced from the buildings, and fortunately, no one was injured.

In addition to this, Bowmer explained that the fire extended from the three-storey building to a four-storey building, which was located on the right-hand side. The people living in the building were also evacuated. Reportedly, the buildings have sustained damages due to fire.

Representation for firefighters controlling fire | Credits: Fox

The PFD, at around 7:30 pm, mentioned that the fire was under control, which meant that the building was still under fire but the flames coming out of it were controllable. The officials have confirmed that approximately 15 to 20 people were the residents of the buildings which initially caught fire.

What was the experience of eye-witnesses?

One of the residents who was evacuated by the Fire Department, identified as Carmen Santiago, said, “My friend called me, and she lives next door to me, and she was like, ‘are you home?’ I was like, ‘No, why?’ She was like the building is on fire,” according to the reports by NBC Philadelphia.

Additionally, another resident – who was out of his home when the building caught fire mentioned, “Loss of words, man.”

“As of right now, I still have to wait. So, I’m like, how long is the wait process? I already talked to my landlord, and he says there is no update. And it supposedly came from one of the rooms on the second floor, which I live on. Thank god I wasn’t there,” he continued saying.

During the crucial hours, the firefighters were seen fighting against the blazes from all the possible sides of the building. In addition to this, the area was filled with heavy smoke, which could be seen in the sky.

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