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Magpul/Maztech X4 System: A Video Game HUD in Real Life

Is the Magpul/Maztech X4 System the coolest Magpul product announcement since the waffle maker that they never made? Maybe.

Magpul’s Most Interesting Product Announcement?

Every year, the week before SHOT Show, Magpul spends the week announcing their new products. This year’s announcements have included everything from new belts, gloves, DAKA pouches, an MP5 stock, and a very cool upgrade for Ruger American Ranch rifles. However, their most interesting announcement might have been their final of the week.

On Friday, Magpul announced a developmental partnership with a company called Maztech Industries. You can be forgiven if you’d not heard of Maztech before this. Up until now, their focus has been electro-optics for military use, such as Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG) and later the ENVG-III. However, the new Magpul/Maztech X4 System is a step in a slightly different direction.

More Than Just a Scope

The X4 System is a full suite of products, the first of of which is will be Magpul’s rounds-remaining system. This will provide a visual input for the shooter on how many rounds are left in their rifle’s magazine. Additionally, the RR system will provide a full detail of how much ammo a shooter has on board their person, and update the total as rounds are depleted. That sounds pretty much like what you’d see in Call of Duty or another first person shooter. However, the Magpul/Maztech X4 System is more than just one cool party trick. According to Magpul:

The X4 suite is a family of multiple independent systems that communicate with the shooter (and others if needed) to build situational awareness on the target area and weapon status. It provides secure communications capability with Bluetooth, Near Field Communication and Ultra-Wideband systems. Along with the Round Counter, the X4-Fire Control System (X4-FCS) is in final development. The X4-FCS provides sensor fusion in an LPVO, with multiple inputs from around the firearm all fusing together in one visual presentation in the optic.

When Will It be Available?

That’s a good question, and unfortunately we don’t have a great idea. Again, from Magpul:

The release timelines, full capabilities, and pricing of the components that make up X4 System will be provided as they progress on the product design roadmap. Expect to hear more soon as Magpul and Maztech break new boundaries in a space that once existed only in large government programs and video games.

Maztech’s website does say that they’re targeting Q4 of 2022 to release the X4-Fire Control System. As we get updates on the Magpul/Maztech X4 System we’ll post them here. In the meantime, check out the Magpul page on the new products.

Source: https://www.tactical-life.com/gear/accessories/magpul-maztech-x4-system/

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