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Leptospirosis Concern Grips US: Rise in Cases Raises Alarm Among Health Authorities

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United States: Leptospirosis, an infection caused by rat urine, has become a matter of concern for health authorities and the United States population, especially for those in New York City. With an increase in the number of cases, experts have concluded that the majority of the cases are seen among garbage collectors.

According to the official data, a total of 24 people were infected with Leptospirosis last year in New York City, and of all, five (5) were garbage collectors. The number of the infected sanitation workers were released by the Union for Department of Sanitation on Wednesday.

Along with this, the union assured that proper treatment will be given to the workers if any of them fell sick or caught the infection. The concern was addressed by union president Harry Nespoli, who stated, “Our sanitation men and women come in every day to keep the City clean. They deserve to know they and their families will be protected if they get sick on the job.”

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Nespoli further mentioned, “Leptospirosis is infecting an outsize share of frontline sanitation workers. We urge the state to pass Assembly Bill A9021 and provide benefits for sanitation workers and their families if they are permanently injured or killed by this job-related disease.”

Health experts have warned that if the disease is left untreated, then it can lead to kidney failure and liver damage and can even become fatal – but in rare cases.

It is to be noted that in 2023, the City reported the highest number of annual cases in a single year, i.e., 24 cases. The health authorities have further elaborated that this year, they have reported as many as six (6) cases, as per the reports by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Leptospirosis and its spread in New York City!

According to health authorities, leptospirosis infection can spread from the bacteria present in the urine of infected Norway rats, also known as brown rats. The health concerns are high because the population is highly present in New York City.

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Human deaths caused by the infection!

The reports by health authorities have outlined that one person in 2017 succumbed to COVID-19 infection after suffering from the infection. Along with this, two other people suffered from a severe infection in the Bronx.

In addition to this, cluster of cases were identified at an apartment building, which also resulted in a chaos.

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