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Kansas City Chiefs Parade shooting leads to arrest of two juveniles, additional charges expected

Kansas City Chiefs Parade shooting leads to arrest of two juveniles | Credits: Sky Sport News

United States: The shooting on Wednesday, during the Kansas City Chiefs Parade, has resulted in the arrest of two juveniles, according to the reports by Jackson County Office. The two people under the age of 18 have been charged with unspecified gun offenses and resisting arrest.

It is to be noted that the shooting in the midst of the Parade resulted in the killing of one person and around 22 persons were reportedly injured. According to KCUR, the court has outlined that there is a high chance that both may face more charges in the future.

The details regarding the same were shared by the Jackson County’s Office of the Juvenile Officer. While sharing the preliminary information, the officials did not reveal the names of the two arrested individuals as they were not charged as adults.

The reports by the officials of the County highlighted that the two have been charged with gun-related and resisting arrest. The statement released by the authorities has further outlined that there are possibilities that an additional charge will be filed against the pair as the investigation is ongoing.

What does the Jackson County Prosecutor have to say?

Jean Peters Baker, the Prosecutor of Jackson County, has mentioned that her team has been continuously interacting with the juvenile court. She also emphasized that she and her officer will continue supporting the Kansas City Police Department in the investigation of the matter, according to the reports by KCUR.

The statement by Baker read, “We expect to be at future hearings regarding these individuals who were charged today in Family Court. We will continue to work closely with all authorities as the investigation continues. We are grateful for the collaboration and partnership with these juvenile officers.”

On February 15, 2024, at Union Station, remnants of chaos lingered – a stroller and discarded trash left behind in the aftermath of a shooting during the Kansas City Chiefs victory parade. The incident on the preceding day had prompted crowds to scatter, leaving behind these symbols of an abrupt disruption to the celebration.

Was it a matter of terrorism? 

The preliminary information by police officials has mentioned that the investigation conducted so far has revealed that the shooting was caused by a personal dispute and was not a matter of terrorism or extremism.

Kansas City Chiefs Parade shooting leads to arrest of two juveniles | Credits: AP Photo

Who was killed during the shooting incident?

The killed person was identified as local KKFI radio DJ Lisa Lopez-Galvan. In addition to this, 22 people were injured, and many of these were admitted to the hospitals. Along with this, three (3) of the total were in critical condition.

Further, the police revealed that out of all shooting victims, nine (9) were children.

Missouri Governor escaped the site safely!

Missouri Governor Mike Parson was also present at Union Station, along with his wife, and escaped the shooting site safely. While speaking on a radio show, he blamed “thugs and criminals” for such shooting incidents.

According to the reports by KCUR, Parson can be quoted saying, “It’s just sad. I was there yesterday. I feel for these parents, these kids, everything that went on; it was such a wonderful day, and then all of a sudden, you end with that.”

Homicide cases in Kansas City!

The official data by the police revealed that Kansas City, Missouri, has reported as many as 15 homicides, including the death at Union Station – as of Friday morning, as per the reports by KCUR. However, in 2023, the homicides reported were at 185.

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