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Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Surfaces as the Latest Health Concern in the US

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Surfaces as the Latest Health Concern in the US

United States: The general public, especially the younger population, of the United States have been dealing with infections like flu, RSV and COVID-19. Now, another infection have been spreading across the US, it is hand, foot and mouth disease.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is an infection that causes sores in the mouth and rashes on the skin of an individual. The disease results in small, white blisters or red bumps. Usually, the rashes are seen on one’s hands and feet. The health experts have mentioned that the disease is usually caused by a virus called coxsackievirus. Some of the health experts outlined that the disease can be both inconvenient and unpleasant.

Statements by experts!

While addressing the concern, a board-certified physician in internal medicine and pediatrics at Mayo Clinic in Arizona – Dr. Kellie Kruger, said, “Hand, foot, and mouth disease can cause painful oral ulcerations and an itchy skin rash,” according to the reports by US Today.

In addition to this, the director of pediatric dermatology at NYU Langone Health – Dr Vikas Oza, stated, “The classic hand, foot, and mouth rash can also be experienced on the buttocks, legs around the mouth, and is sometimes more widespread on the body,” adding, “A low-grade fever can also occur.”

He has further mentioned that the pain and proliferations caused by sores and blisters can range between mild and severe.

Additionally, health experts have mentioned that it is clear by name that these sores and blisters are seen on the hands, feet, and mouth of an infected individual.

Expert Kruger has outlined that the disease can be transmitted at home and in public places, and the most common place is “wherever multiple children play together and share close contact.”

Is hand, foot, and mouth disease a concern?

The disease can be unpleasant for an individual, especially those who are younger than six months and have a weakened immune system. “And the oral ulcers can sometimes result in decreased fluid intake, which could result in dehydration,” stated Oza.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the disease usually is “not serious” but can be concerning in some circumstances. While addressing the same, Kruger stated that rash and bumps can be itchy and uncomfortable, and mouth ulcers can also be painful.

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