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German Man Coughs ‘Litres of Blood’ and Dies on Lufthansa Flight – Chaotic Scenes Unfold as Flight Makes Emergency Return

Representation for flight from Lufthansa | Credits: Pexels

The cases related to cough and flu have been growing across the world, and now a strange incidence has taken place on a Lufthansa flight between Bangkok and Munich. According to certain reports, a German man, aged 63 years, succumbed his life to continuous coughing.

The health experts have mentioned that the deceased man coughed “liters of blood” from his mouth and nose before dying on flight LH773. The flight was reportedly flying from Bangkok to the capital city of Bavarian at around 11:40 pm on Thursday, February 8, as per The Independent.

The flight was in the air for around 90 minutes, after which it was turned down following the death of a German national onboard.

What eye-witness commented about the incident?

A passenger, who was sitting diagonally behind the deceased passenger, named Karin Missfelder, mentioned that the man lost liters of blood through his mouth and nose. Missfelder stated, “It was absolute horror; everyone was screaming,” as per Independent.

She further emphasized that she observed the unhealthy patient upon boarding. It is to be noted that Missfelder worked as a nursing specialist at the University Hospital in Zurich. “He had cold sweats, was breathing much too quickly, and was already apathetic,” she stated Swiss news outlet Blick.

After the man’s condition started distorting, the nurse asked the captain of the plane for medical attention and asked him to call a doctor over the loudspeaker. To cure his condition, he was given a little chamomile tea, but till that time, he had already spit blood.

Medical Personnel taking the died man | Credits: BLICK

One of the onboarders mentioned that the situation of the person was not well, but the airport staff decided to depart. After a few minutes of take-off, the condition of the man worsened, and he started coughing blood from his mouth and nose.

“The man lost liters of blood,” Missfelder emphasized.

After the man lost his life, the captain made the announcement over the loudspeaker, and then the flight headed back to Bangkok Airport, where the situation was chaotic, according to Ms Missfelder’s husband, Martin.

He further mentioned, “Nobody looked after us; we waited two hours. There was no care team there, nobody,” as per the reports by The Independent.

He further emphasized that it was really sad to see the wife of the deceased passenger proceed through customs alone. “She stood there all alone and apathetic and had to endure all the formalities. The fact that Lufthansa has no measures in his case, that no one cares about around 30 traumatized passengers around, is unacceptable,” he was quoted.

Statement by Lufthansa 

Following the death of the German man, an anonymous representative of Lufthansa, during a conversation with The Independent, stated that a medical emergency had occurred on the flight and all the necessary safety, as well as precautionary measures, were taken by the crew and doctor onboard.

Representation for Lufthansa flight | Credits: BLICK

“After 1.5 hours of flight time, the crew decided to turn back to Bangkok, where the aircraft landed normally and safely. There, the instructions of the medical emergency services and the Thai authorities were followed,” the statement by the representative read, as per The Independent.

“The passengers on the canceled flight have since been rebooked on other flights. Our thoughts are with the relatives of the deceased passenger. We also regret the inconvenience caused to the passengers of this flight,” he continued.

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