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Franklin Armory Binary Glock Trigger: New at SHOT Show

Have you always wanted to own a Glock 18 so you can ride the lightning and mag-dump a full auto pistol? Who hasn’t, right? Well now you’re going to be able to get closer to that without jumping through all the NFA hoops. Meet the new Franklin Armory Binary Glock Trigger.

A Binary Trigger? For a Handgun?

Oh yes. Not content with making AR triggers or a trigger for the Ruger pistol caliber carbine, the mad geniuses have created the Franklin Armory binary Glock trigger. It works like other binary triggers. In binary mode, pulling the trigger fires one round, and releasing the trigger fires a second round. Rifles equipped with binary triggers can approach similar rates of fire as proper automatic weapons. But, because the binary trigger requires separate actions to fire each round, the guns are still legally semi-automatic.

Franklin Armory Binary Glock Trigger Details

Similarly to their rifle trigger kits, the Glock binary trigger will ship with a bit more than just a trigger. The kit includes a new slide for the pistol which has a selector switch on it. With the selector up, the gun fires normally. Flip it down however, and the Glock will fire a round on pull and a round on release. In a Facebook post, Franklin Armory indicated they hoped to have the kits ready to ship by the second quarter of 2022.

Quick Look at Specifications

Because the Franklin Armory Binary Glock Trigger is fairly complicated to produce and includes a slide, the MSRP is sitting at $899. That’s expensive, but you’re paying for a lot of fun here. Plus, the slide is an MOS-style, so you have the option to mount an optic on it as well. That makes this even more fun. The only bad news is that the new binary trigger is currently only available for Gen 3 Glock 17s. It would have been nice to see this on the newer guns, but thankfully the Gen 3 Glock isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s the only Glock that’s on the California approved roster, and they buy a lot of guns out there.

Obviously, controlling a binary trigger in a handgun is going to be an exciting experience. There are probably quite a few indoor range owners who are concerned for their ceilings right now. The binary Glock trigger might work well if paired with a pistol stabilizing brace or something like the USA1Shot. No matter what though, it does look like a really fun way to turn money into smoke and noise.

Source: https://www.tactical-life.com/gear/accessories/franklin-armory-binary-glock-trigger/

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