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Explosion rocks Los Angeles as semi-truck incident leaves firefighters injured

Explosion rocks Los Angeles as semi-truck incident leaves firefighters injured | Credits: Los Angeles Times

United States: A chaotic situation erupted in Los Angeles after an explosion involving a natural gas truck took place in the Wilmington area on Thursday morning. The explosion led to severe damage to human life and nearby property, according to the reports by CBS News.

Along with this, the Los Angeles Fire Department officers also faced severe injuries. As per the preliminary information shared by the health department and officials of the fire department, around nine firefighters were injured and immediately taken to the hospital.

The doctors providing treatment to them mentioned that two of the firefighters were in critical condition. It is to be noted that the driver of the semi-truck safely escaped the site and did not face any injury.

What do experts have to say about the situation?

A trauma surgeon at Harbour UCLA Medical Center – Dr Molly Deane, stated, “The firefighters were evaluated for several burn, blast, and airway inhalation injuries.”

According to the health expert, one of the two severely injured firefighters required intubation to deliver oxygen to the lungs. He has been transferred to Los Angeles General Center, where he is seeking treatment at a special Brun Center unit.

After seeing the video of the explosion – shot in the ring camera of the residents, Dr Deane mentioned, “It’s remarkable none of them were more severely injured.”

While elaborating on the dramatic explosion, the Los Angeles Police Department told KCAL-TV’s Joy Benedict that it had evacuated East Young Street in Wilmington. While conducting the operation, approximately 75 residents were evacuated for a couple of hours.

Presence of hazardous material!

The investigators have revealed that there is a high chance that some of the hazardous materials were still present in the area. The authorities have further revealed that they are making plans to move it.

How the situation unfolded?

During the time of the incident, the semi-truck was running on two 100-gallon tanks of compressed natural gas instead of diesel fuel. Originally, firefighters responded to a fire in a semi-truck in the 1100 block of North Alameda Street near Henry Ford Avenue. The firefighters ran for the incident at around 7 am.

Following the complaint, the firefighters reached the location to put the truck out; however, by that time, one of the tanks had exploded. According to the reports, the explosion took place due to pressurized cylinders. The information also said that the explosion took place six minutes after the arrival of the scene, as per CBS News.

While elaborating on the scene, the Los Angeles City Fire Captain – Erik Scott, mentioned that following the first explosion, there was a minor threat of the second explosion as it was still emitting gas. The situation was surveyed by the LAFD Hazard material specialist, and while monitoring, the experts checked the air.

Fire Department Chief Crowley briefs about the latest situation

After paying a visit to the injured firefighters, Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Kristin Crowley mentioned that she will never forget the deadly incident while addressing a press conference.

She further continued to say how she is “reminded of how heroic our members are and that each and every day they are putting themselves in harm’s way to provide an incredible level of expertise and professionalism to the people that we serve,” according to CBS News.

The investigation into the matter is ongoing as the source of the fire in the semi-truck is still unknown.

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