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CMC Triggers Goldfinger: AR10/AR15 Single Stage Match Trigger

CMC Triggers Goldfinger is a new single-stage, small pin, drop-in, flat-face trigger with a mirror-gold Cerakote finish. This drop-in mod immediately upgrades your AR platform rifle with match-trigger capabilities.

CMC Triggers Goldfinger is Match-Ready out of the Box

The Goldfinger is made from 8620 alloy steel and S7 tool steel with machined tolerances of +/- .001”. Completely self-contained, the Goldfinger requires no adjustment after placement in the firearm. It delivers an ultra-smooth break with no gritty feeling and no feel of creep prior to the hammer release. The pre-set factory trigger pull is 3.5 lbs. Additionally, the positive trigger reset allows the user to quickly secure a follow-up shot, right on target.

The Goldfinger AR15/AR10 single-stage trigger is hand-assembled and tested in the Texas facility. By design, the trigger incorporates minimal lock time. A controlled hammer weight and balance activated by a rocket wire hammer spring achieve this lock time feat. This assures a repeatable function when using either commercial or military-grade ammunition.

Goldfinger Availability and MSRP

Good news, because you can buy the Goldfinger right now. While the CMC Triggers Goldfinger is available for order, CMC is also advising shipping delays up to 15 days. However, there is good news since the match quality trigger costs just $235. For more information hit the CMC website.

Source: https://www.tactical-life.com/gear/cmc-triggers-goldfinger/

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