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Child Tests Positive for Bird Flu Sparks Concerns Amid Rising Bird Flu Threat

Child Tests Positive for Bird Flu

United States: The threat related to bird flu has been increasing with every passing day and the health authorities have sounded alarms. Recently, the concerns have increased because the virus has started impacting the health of humans. 

Recently, another case related to the infection has been reported, which has sparked global concerns. 

According to the health experts, Australia faced its first human case of avian influenza, as reported on Wednesday. The infected child, who contracted the virus in India, has fortunately recovered fully. Concurrently, a distinct highly contagious strain was discovered on an egg farm.

The H5N1 avian flu strain has ravaged populations worldwide, causing extensive bird fatalities and infecting numerous mammal species. Health authorities in Victoria, Australia, reassured the public, stating that contact tracing didn’t reveal additional cases and transmission among humans is unlikely.

Dr Claire Looker, Victoria’s chief health officer, affirmed that this incident marked the country’s inaugural confirmed human case of highly pathogenic avian influenza. Despite the severity of the child’s infection, recovery was complete.

This instance in Victoria involves an H5N1 virus strain distinct from those observed in the United States outbreaks. Previously, a farm worker in Texas tested positive for the virus, which spread through the US cattle population.

Although Australia remained free from the H5N1 strain, authorities disclosed the detection of a different highly pathogenic bird flu strain, H7, at an egg farm near Melbourne. Initial tests indicated it likely originated from wild birds, posing minimal risk to humans.

To contain the outbreak, movement restrictions were enforced around the affected farm, with plans for the euthanasia of infected birds. Measures were implemented to prevent further spread.

While the industry was minimally impacted, companies intensified biosafety measures as a precaution. Both egg and chicken meat supplies are expected to remain stable, with efforts to mitigate any disruptions.

This incident echoes past outbreaks in Victoria, including the 2020 H7N7 outbreak. Australia’s swift response history suggests authorities are well-equipped to manage and eradicate avian influenza outbreaks effectively.

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