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Biden and Harris unite for abortion rights campaign, stress its vital role in upcoming elections

US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris | Credits: Reuters

United States: President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris , on Tuesday, joined forces and shared the stage in Virginia for abortion rights campaign, a key issue for Democrats in the election as they are expected to feature a rematch against the former Republican president, Donald Trump.

As per the report by Associated Press, in this Campaign, President Biden and VP Harris were accompanied by their spouses, first lady Jill Biden and second gentleman Doug Emhoff. It was for the first time the four (4) of them have appeared together since the beginning of this, in context that Democrats are putting importance on the abortion campaign this year.

VP Harris takes center stage in Wisconsin

On Monday, Harris was in Wisconsin in the Honour of Roe V. Wade, the 51st anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion worldwide. This decision was dismissed two years ago, and it was Trump who paved the way by appointing three conservative justices to the court during this term. He recently said he was “proud” of his role.

Proud that women across our nation are suffering?” Harris said. “Proud that women have been robbed of a fundamental freedom? Proud that doctors could be thrown in prison for caring for their patients? That young women today have fewer rights than their mothers and grandmothers?” according to AP.

Vice President of the United States – Kamala Harris | Credits: Getty Images

Wisconsin was Harris’ first stop on a planned countrywide tour focusing on abortion, which she called an essential component of the country’s legacy of personal liberty.

In America, freedom is not to be given. It is not to be bestowed. It is ours by right,” she said. “And that includes the freedom to make decisions about one’s own body — not the government telling you what to do.”

Harris shared a lot of stories about women who have had miscarriages in toilets or developed a dangerous disease like sepsis. It happened because the doctors refused to help them as they were concerned about violating abortion restrictions.

This is, in fact, a healthcare crisis,” she said, adding, “And there is nothing about this that is hypothetical.

Abortion is also the subject of Biden’s new television advertising, which features Dr Austin Dennard, an OB-GYN in Texas who was forced to leave her state to obtain an abortion after learning that her baby had a deadly disease known as anencephaly.

In Texas, you are forced to carry that pregnancy, and that is because of Donald Trump overturning Roe v. Wade,” Dennard said.

Despite Democrats’ efforts to return the rights that were guaranteed in Roe v. Wade, this will not happen with the current composition of the Supreme Court and Republicans taking over the House. They have been able to be successful at the state level, where abortion is on the ballot.

We need the American people to keep making their voices heard,” Biden said at a meeting of his reproductive rights task force on Monday.

Visual Representation for people fighting against abortion law | Credits: Reuters

White House Action and Advocacy

The White House is striking against its own abilities to guarantee accessibility to abortion. On Monday, it announced the creation of a team that would help hospitals comply with the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, which requires hospitals receiving the medians to provide life-saving treatment to patients at risk of dying.

The Health and Human Services department said it would establish specialized training on this law for all hospitals, as well as help publicize new information about how complaints can be lodged against a hospital.

Some advocacy groups have accused HHS of not responding aggressively enough to such complaints. 

According to The Associated Press, federal investigators found no violation of the law when an Oklahoma hospital told a 26-year-old woman to wait in a parking lot until her condition worsened before being able to have her nonviable pregnancy terminated.

While Harris and Democrats have embraced abortion as a campaign topic, Republicans are backing away or calling for a truce, fearing further voter anger.

Republicans Navigate a Delicate Topic

Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor competing for the Republican presidential nomination, recently urged Republicans to “find consensus” on the difficult topic.

As much as I’m pro-life, I don’t judge anyone for being pro-choice, and I don’t want them to judge me for being pro-life,” she said during a primary debate in November.

Trump has claimed credit for helping to overturn Roe v. Wade, yet he has opposed bills such as Florida’s six-week abortion ban, passed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who withdrew from the Republican primary fight over the weekend.

You have to win elections,” Trump said during a recent Fox News town hall.

Harris’ Role and Democratic Strategy

The White House has consistently relied on Harris, the first woman to serve as Vice President, to make its argument on abortion. Her outspokenness contrasts with Biden’s more reserved demeanor. Although he has traditionally supported abortion rights, he addressed the subject less frequently and occasionally avoided using the term abortion when discussing it.

Jamal Simmons, a former communications director for Harris, said abortion “focused her attention and her office in a way that nothing had before.” “The president and the vice president appeal to different parts of the party,” Simmons said. “They’re stronger as a team.”

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